Midbox 84 South – Greenfield Milwaukee

Midbox 84 South - Greenfield Milwaukee


New construction project in which Weathershield installed the air and moisture barrier along with completing all sealants on the exterior shell.

Due to the time crunch of the project the air and moisture barrier crew had to move in phases around the building to keep the project progressing while battling the cold weather as the work was completed in March/April.

All of the board joints were detailed per manufacturer’s specifications along with the rough openings having being treated with the appropriate materials. The air barrier was then sprayed and checked with a mil gauge to confirm the thickness complied with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Once the air barrier was completed Weathershield took a break from the project and returned to caulk all the masonry and concrete once installed in the spring.

“I was amazed at how much better the front of our buildings looked after Weathershield completed their repairs. They fixed our water leaks and made us more attractive to customers and potential clients alike.”- Mark S

"We hire Weathershield for a yearly maintenance check up of our campus buildings. Every year, they do a great, thorough job of checking for weather induced issues in our buildings and correcting them before they become major structural issues."- Sandy W.

"We trust that Weathershield is the professional company to take care of our building maintenance. They are always our first call for repairing wear and tear, and also for protecting from future damage."- Judith D