Building Check-up

No matter if your building is 10-years-old, or 100-years-old, they all require maintenance to survive in our harsh midwestern weather. Weathershield is the premier commercial property maintenance company and has been protecting and repairing building exteriors since 1986.

Our highly-trained service teams and cleaning crews are conscientious, and efficient. They make sure to listen to your needs, and become advocates for you, your building, and its longevity. We consult with property managers, engineers and architects to provide the most cost-effective solutions to fulfill your properties needs.

Why Call Weathershield?

  1. Proven professional company since 1986.
  2. Team oriented, dedicated to safety, quality and production.
  3. Limited risk through highly-trained drug free employees. MSDS, hazard communication and right to know information in all work trucks, IOSHA certified plus no chemicals stored on site.
  4. Consistent customized scope of work and materials.
  5. Punch out system for all projects, that involves your rep, the project manger and the lead tech, to ensure your project is done right the first time.
  6. Easy to read detailed proposals make it easy for managers and associations to grasp project’s scope.
  7. Custom warranties based on customer needs and budget.
  8. All residents are notified of scheduled work prior to start date to reduce impact and complaints.
  9. All projects performed by English speaking employees not subcontractors.
  10. Project Manager assigned to every project who provides regular updates on schedule and performs routine quality control and safety inspections
  11. Phased multi year projects to lock in material and labor pricing .
  12. Third party project management and consulting services.



“I was amazed at how much better the front of our buildings looked after Weathershield completed their repairs. They fixed our water leaks and made us more attractive to customers and potential clients alike.”- Mark S

"We hire Weathershield for a yearly maintenance check up of our campus buildings. Every year, they do a great, thorough job of checking for weather induced issues in our buildings and correcting them before they become major structural issues."- Sandy W.

"We trust that Weathershield is the professional company to take care of our building maintenance. They are always our first call for repairing wear and tear, and also for protecting from future damage."- Judith D